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Evolucid Software

Mobile and headless devices are the new normal.

The market demands your applications to be more flexible, more secure and more media-centric. With those requirements comes a great responsibility - privacy and security are of paramount importance in the modern, cloud-driven environment.

Enter Evolucid.

Evolucid's tiny virtualized environment is highly portable, runs both headless and with UI and is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, several Linux distros and Android v4+.

Evolucid's environment also runs as a bare-metal install on most microcontroller platforms, from 16 bit (e.g. Renesas RL78) to 64 bit (e.g. Qualcomm Snapdragon 810).

As a virtual environment, it is completely sandboxed and isolated from the underlying hardware. Evolucid makes use of the native operating system's hardware virtualization, or (in bare-metal) we use our own.

Augmented Intelligence.

Evolucid's Intelligence Augmentation (IA) is a scalable intelligent architecture that makes use of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning analytics when cloud-connected.

However, should your device's connection fail (even as result of DDOS attacks), Evolucid is capable of independent operation, utilizing its own local intelligent engine.

Fast, portable, secure - Evolucid meets your modern embedded needs.